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Celebrating Sobriety with Michael Colyar

About the Show

We present "The Happy Beginnings Podcast: Celebrating Sobriety with Michael Colyar". Here at Happy Beginnings we're all about changing the addiction conversation, sharing stories, removing the stigma, and saving lives... simply put, we are 'Celebrating Sobriety'! And we encourage all who have stories to share to do so for the greater purpose, to be of service. By coming together as a community we can be a source of hope and inspiration for those who still struggle with their addictions....

The Happy Beginnings Podcast series features one on one guest conversations with our host. Our podcasts are part interview, part conversation, but mostly storytelling, so expect to hear random tangent stories of all types and topics. Our guests will be sharing life experiences, early years of sobriety, their transition into addiction, and how that played out until ultimately finding their 'Happy Beginnings' return to sobriety.

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The wonderfully profound and insightful quote by "Inside the Actor's Studio" host, James Lipton, provides inspiration in naming our Podcast series. We feel it perfectly relates to the chapter of someone's life just after having overcome an addiction.

And here's fun fact worth sharing, the literal definition of 'sobriety'...

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Thank you for stopping by "The Happy Beginnings Podcast", we hope you leave us feeling happier and more hopeful!

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