Episode 1

Louis Gossett, Jr

July 12th, 2018

56 mins 56 secs

Season 1

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Presenting OUR PILOT EPISODE! Celebrating Sobriety with Academy Award winning actor Lou Gossett Jr- Listen to the amazing life stories, how he prepared for his Oscar winning performance, studying at The Actors Studio alongside Marilyn Monroe, what it was like growing up in Brooklyn during the Blacklist era, and how he sort of fell into acting by way of Broadway!

"Notable Quotes from Louis Gossett, Jr interview"

"when you first get sober you're blind, then you reluctantly have to give up control...you gotta do it whether you like it or not, and then you do it enough... here you are, an open conduit for light, imagine light shining through you... now it's second nature... my vision has come back... i'm very excited because there is so much more to see"

"my grandchildren have never seen me high or drunk... they're attracted to the light ... everything that comes out of my mouth is positive, so they want to be around me... it's the light it's not me"

"There's too many needy people now, especially young people, Alcoholics Anonymous needs a little asterisk, i think we need to be public to tell them where to come to get help"

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Episode Links

  • The Fix interview with Lou Gossett, Jr — "...being of service is normal for the human being. We are a tribe of people: not African American or Chinese or Italian or Jewish. We are a tribe of human beings and our survival depends upon our interconnection and selfless service. It’s not me first; it’s us first."
  • HBO Confirms Cast for Watchmen Adaptation | TV News | Consequence of Sound — Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. (Roots, An Officer and a Gentleman) is also part of the cast. Details regarding the show’s plot are being kept close to the vest. However, in his aforementioned mission statement, Lindelof said his adaption isn’t a sequel, but rather a “remix” of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s original comics.